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Club Sponsorships and Our Partners

Corporate sponsorships

Corporate sponsonsorhips assist to offset the operating costs of our youth programs. At a cost of $500, sponsors will be recognized with a 6 x 3-foot banner hung throughout the entire year at our Layritz Field. Logos will also be placed on our website with links to your website and one sponsor will be highlighted each month through our new “News” program on our website and social media. With thousands of visitors to both our Layritz Field and website throughout the year, we feel you will get a tremendous amount of recognition and visibility with your investment – and you will be helping us continue in making a positive impact in our community!

With the purpose of our organization to encourage, develop and promote the game of soccer, your sponsorship would be well received by our Club Members and visitors. We inspire fair play, sportsmanlike conduct and respect for all players, coaches, officials and supporters. Our youth programs provide a fun atmosphere and place for our players to learn and develop social skills, self-esteem, confidence, neighbourhood awareness, teamwork, volunteer spirit, pride, and much more.

Ready to partner with us today? Reach out to Adriano Sumberac, our V-P, at vicepresident@plsc.org.


Club Sponsors and Partners

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