Below is the schedule for picture day this Saturday Oct 16 at GLANFORD (please make note you are coming to Glanford and not Layritz, parking is also very tight around the field so PLEASE be respectful of neighbors and do not park on lawns or block driveways).

U8 Boys, U9 Boys and U10 Girls had their pictures taken at Layritz 2 weeks ago, so these teams will not need to come to Glanford. Any single players that missed their photo can come to Glanford to have their individual shot taken. Please find Jen Majorki (wearing an orange toque) at the field Saturday to get set up with the photographer.Please try to arrive 10 minutes or so before your picture time to get organized with your team. If you are coming from a game, please come right to Glanford and we will fit your team in as close to your time slot as possible. It is an ambitious schedule, so please bring your patience and be ready with your team to keep the morning moving quickly.

If you have any questions please email


        Team Saturday Game
8:50 am U10 Boys Team PLSC Robin Kelley play 10am @ PISE
9:00 am U10 Boys Orange – Dave Ramsay(?) have a Bye
9:10 am U12 Boys (White) Silver – Colin Dams play 10:30 @ Beckwith
9:20 am U12 Girls (White) Silver – Grant/Travis play 10:30 @ Beckwith
9:30 am U13 Boys (Blue) Gold – Rob Dick play 10:45 @ Layritz
9:40 am U11 Girls (White) Silver – Dustin Oliver play 10:45 @ Layritz
9:50 am U10 Boys Team Lakers Rich Cain play 8:30 @ Layritz
10:00 am U9 Girls PLSC – Kara/Jason play 8:30 @ Layritz
10:00 am U9 Girls Lakers – Mark/Wade play 8:30 @ Lambrick
10:10 am U7/U8 Girls (3 Teams) play 9:30-10:30 @ Glanford
10:20 am and U7 Boys (4 Teams)
10:30 am
10:40 am U14 Girls Gold – Doxey play 12:30 @ Blue Heron
10:40 am U14 Boys Gold – Jeff Bosdet play 12:30 @ Blue Heron
10:50 am U 14 Girls Silver – Jeremy/Alastair play away @ 12:30 JDF (Goudy Turf)
11:00 am U11 Girls (Blue) Gold – Joel Butler play 9:00 @ Beckwith
11:00 am U11 Boys (Blue) Gold – Tory Barbon play 9:00 @ Beckwith
11:10 am U13 Boys (White) Silver – Travis/Dave play away @ 9am JDF (Royal Bay
11:20 am U13 Boys (White) Silver – Ali/Jasper play away @ 9:45 Lake Hill (Reynolds)
11:30 am Little Kickers (10 Teams) play 11-12 @ Glanford
12:10 pm
?? U11 Boys (White) Silver – Fotis play @ fusion – no game time listed
?? U12 Boys (Blue) Gold – McCurdy play @ Cowichan – no game time listed