This week Via-Sport released the return to play guidelines. What does that mean for our sport? Here’s a quick snapshot of what is happening now and where we hope to be by September 7 with the start of regular season.

Effective now (as of May 25)

  • Practices and competition allowed for youth and adults within their home club
  • Physical distance not required on field of play (i.e. contact is allowed). Off field of play, physical distance of 2 m must be maintained.
  • Travel allowed to home club only (and cannot cross travel zones)
  • Maximum group size for adults and varsity sport is 50 (if group is a mix of youth and adult, 50 person maximum must be followed)
  • No maximum group size for youth to allow for more flexibility (e.g. adult supervision)
  • No spectators

Effective September 7 (at the earliest)

Return to normal sport competitions for outdoor sport.

Need I go on? Although it states “at the earliest” we are all hopeful that regular play will return at the beginning of our regular fall-winter season.

Effective June 15, up to 50 spectators allowed with increased group size and increased number of spectators, as well as, increased travel allowed starting July 15. At the earliest of course.

The disclaimer

Its a good reminder that transition between the steps will be dependent on case counts, hospitalizations, and vaccination rates. Sport specific COVID-19 guidance documents and safety plans should be adapted to fit the steps outlined in this Return to Sport Restart 2.0 Chart.

We look forward to welcoming our families back to the sport in September! Make sure to register early (discounted until the end of June) to stay in know about assessments and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Go Orange!

Mary (Communications Coordinator and Registrar)
Prospect Lake Soccer Club