Full-field games are updated every Monday; with small-sided games updated on Wednesday evenings.

Friday, October 15

6:00 pm Women’s Lakers O30 A vs. Castaways United (O30A) at Layritz Turf

Saturday, October 16

2021 Picture Day Schedule

8:30 am U10 Boys Team Lakers vs. AWAY at Layritz Turf
8:30 am U9 Boys Team Orange vs. AWAY at Layritz Turf
8:30 am U9 Boys Team PLSC vs. Team Lakers at Glanford Park
8:30 am U10 Girls Team Orange vs. AWAY at Layritz Turf
8:30 am U9 Girls Team PLSC vs. AWAY at Layritz Turf
9:00 am U11 Boys Blue Barbon vs. U11 Boys Blue JDF Lamothe at Beckwith Grass Field #1
9:00 am U11 Girls Blue PLSC Butler vs. U11 Girls Blue JDF Quinn at Beckwith Grass Field #5
9:30 am U7/U8 Girls at Glanford Grass Field
9:30 am U8 Boys at Layritz Turf
10:30 am U12 Boys White PLSC Dams vs. U12 Boys White Sooke Cox at Beckwith Grass Field #1
10:30 am U12 Girls White PLSC Denning vs. U12 Girls White Gorge Lemus at Beckwith Field #5 (time and location changed)
10:30 am U11 Girls White PLSC Oliver vs. U11 Girls White Saltspring Langdon at Beckwith Grass Field #5 cancelled
10:45 am U13 Boys Blue PLSC Dick vs. U13 Boys Blue Lakehill Colopisis at Layritz Turf
11:00 am Little Kickers at Glanford Grass Field
5:00 pm Lakers Div 1 Women vs. Lakehill Reds (Div1) at Layritz Turf
7:00 pm Lakers Div 3 Men vs. Gorge United (D3B) at Layritz Turf

Sunday, October 17

10:00 AM U17-U18 Girls Tier 3 PLSC Ainsworth vs. U18 Girls Tier 3 Bays Utd Hutcheson at Adam Kerr

10:00 am Boys U17/18 Tier 4 PLSC/Pen Aitchison vs Cowichan Valley Dailey at Layritz

12:00 Women’s Div 3  vs NIFA Pacific United at Layritz