Meet Your Board: Registrar
February 6, 2022

It’s easy enough for me to ask others to write about their positions but I knew it would be a daunting task to write my own. As the Registrar and Communications Coordinator, the lines between the two are a little blurred for me. Part of me would like to think that the Communications Coordinator would work with the Registrar on promoting everything that is going on. But this working relationship worked well for me!

Already holding the communication position and considering myself a bit of geek, I took the Registrar position to give Colin a break to learn the role of President. Our five executive positions (President, V-P, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar) on the board run in alternating two-year terms so that there is never a large turnover in any given year, Colin had one more year in his term, so I took it over for a year.

For the most part, this position was rewarding and challenging at the same time. As a closet-geek, how hard could it be to maneuver Power-Up? This was a bit of a learning curve, but it wasn’t difficult with some help from Colin, this system was still new to everyone.

Here are some things that aren’t part of the job description but that I thoroughly enjoyed:

  • Emails from new parents that were a pleasure to respond to and guide them through the registration process. Pretty much it’s all about the registration process and ensuring that everyone gets on teams, and no one is left behind (unfortunately I didn’t realize this until a little later in the season)
  • Working with other clubs, especially Peninsula, to work our way through pooled players and adjusting accordingly – this gave me a bit of insight into how other clubs are organized.
  • Less enjoyable but an education for sure, was reporting to Lower Island Soccer Association/BC Soccer – this was easier than I thought it would be. LISA provides the template, simple export of teams to Excel, remove pooled players, send it off, done! Come January, a quick check for registrations after the submission date and send another list.
  • This position is the Power-Up go to person. Assisting with adding coaches to teams and reporting them to LISA, adding games that don’t require referees and communicating any changes to schedules to parents.

In short, here are the main priorities of the position:

  • Set up the online registration system (Power-Up) with all registration information for each division based on age and gender, and for each additional program
  • Review any incomplete registrations and contact the applicant to assist with completing the registration.
  • Ensure that payment for applicants is complete, if not, follow up with applicant to obtain full payment; discuss options, if necessary.
  • Arrange refunds for any applicants who were not able to be assigned to a team due to not enough players to form a team or review other refund requests to determine if full or partial refund can be given out due to serious injuries or other valid reason.

I should also add that strong computer skills would be nice – databases and excel.

Following the AGM, I hope to take on a director-at-large position. Except for an extended vacation in August/September, I’ll still be around and would really appreciate some type of involvement in assisting with this position and/or helping out in some way.

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Meet Your Board: our Community

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