Welcome to  Prospect Lake Soccer Club

Proudly playing on the traditional territory of W̱SÁNEĆ Nation, Prospect Lake Soccer Club is a youth and adult soccer club located in Saanich, near Victoria British Columbia. Youth development is the core of our club in a sustainable and fun learning environment.

Open Registration & Club News

Games & Field Status

Field Status

Update: All grass fields closed by Saanich for the weekend on Thursday, November 25 at 1:00 p.m.

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Last Update: Monday, November 28 8:30 pm

Friday, December 3

6:00 pm Mens Div 4: Lakers Div 4 vs. JDF United (D4) at Layritz Turf

Saturday, December 4

8:30 am U10 Boys Team Lakers (Cain) vs. AWAY at Layritz Turf
8:30 am U9 Boys Team Orange (Oliver) vs. AWAY at Glanford Park
8:30 am U9 Boys Team PLSC (Sykes) vs. U9 Boys Team Lakers (McIntyre-Jacobson) at Layritz Turf
8:30 am U10 Girls Team PLSC (Stewart-Shook) vs. AWAY at Layritz Turf
8:30 am U9 Girls Team Lakers (MacPhail-Fallan) vs. AWAY at Layritz Turf
9:30 am U7 Boys at Layritz Turf
9:30 am U7-U8 Girls at Layritz Turf
9:30 am U8 Boys at Layritz Turf
11:00 am U11 Boys White PLSC Margaritis vs. U11 Boys White JDF Ugorji at Layritz Turf
11:00 am U11 Girls Blue PLSC Butler vs. U11 Girls Blue Lakehill Ashcroft at Layritz Turf
11:00 am Little Kickers at Glanford Grass Field
12:30 pm U13 Boys White Townsend vs. U13 Boys White JDF Strandlund at Layritz Turf
12:30 pm U12 Girls White PLSC Denning vs. U12 Girls White SFFC King at Layritz Turf
7:00 pm Mens Div 2: Lakers Div 2 vs. JDF Hellas FC (d2) at Layritz Turf

Sunday, November 5

10:00 am U17-U18 Girls Tier 3 PLSC Ainsworth vs. U17 Girls Tier 3 Bays Utd Parish at Layritz Turf
2:15 pm Womens O30B: Lakers O30B vs. Victoria Athletics (O30B) at Layritz Turf


Thank you to all that registered for our 2021-22 Season, registration is now closed. 

Call for Referees

Prospect Lake Soccer Club is looking for entry level referees. For those 14 years of age or older, this would be a great opportunity for our U17/18 players and all parents to spend more time on the field with their kids, all while making some money on the side. BC...

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In other News …

Covid-19 Updates

Current Soccer General Guidelines:

  • Group Size: There is no maximum group size for participants, coaches, volunteers, staff and officials
  • Travel: Canada-wide travel allowed. International travel must follow federal restrictions and guidance.
  • Physical distance does not need to be maintained on or off the field of play.
  • Masks: not required on or off the field of play.

Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome! Our new website was reimagined in January 2021 and will be complete soon! Built on the premise that soccer will return to “normal” in September, the first phase, launched in March 2021, contains information on our programs and development, among other things, and is the first step to celebrating our team achievements and recognizing our Sponsors. The second phase will build on this and provide more transparency with Board minutes, notices of meetings and will include more dynamic content to display games and locations. Stay tuned as we start this new journey of engagement and celebration.

Serving Our Soccer Community Since 1960

Prospect Lake Soccer Club was formed in 1960 with two teams. The original philosophy of the Club was to teach soccer skills while, at the same time, teaching co-operation in a team environment and good sportsmanship. It is still the same today.
In 1972 the first Executive was formed and player registration was $5.00! The first post-season Invitational Tournament that we have on record took place on April 7, 1973, when teams from Divisions IV-X took part. In the period from 1978 to 1983, an Invitational Tournament was held on the Thanksgiving long weekend. These tournaments have now been replaced by our post-season Mini Tournament, which is played in late March or early April each year.
In 1977, the main field at Prospect Lake was made into an “all weather” field and the lights erected. This was accomplished with donations of equipment and materials from local contractors and by utilizing work parties.
(Special thanks to Adriano Sumberac for supplying a look into our history, more to come with the development of our website)

Become a Sponsor

Corporate sponsonsorhips assist to offset the operating costs of our youth programs. With thousands of visitors to both our Layritz Field and website throughout the year, we feel you will get a tremendous amount of recognition and visibility for your investment – and you will be helping us to continue making a positive impact on our community!


Coaching is one of the hearts of our Club, thank you to all our Coaches! Interested in coaching, learn more about what’s involved.

What we do

Year-Round Programming

Development is the core of our Club and that doesn’t just happen in the fall and winter. Many additional opportunities and currently under development with our new technical director, Ryan McCurdy, stay tuned for some exciting announcements on programming. As community and soccer advocates, there is often other offerings happening at Layritz Turf. Members are always in the know. Have an idea for a community event? Contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

Technical Training

Our technical director, Ryan McCurdy, is involved in youth training from the moment your child steps on the field until they graduate. You’ll see him at Little Kickers on Saturday mornings and at the turf running drills every night. Ryan is new to Prospect Lake Soccer Club (Summer 2021) and he’s looking forward to his involvement and development of soccer in our area. He and his technical team know their stuff and are committed to bringing out the best player they can be. And the best part, it’s all included with your registration.


We train our coaches so that our youth can have successful seasons. Are you thinking about coaching? Our Coaches Corner page is under development but there’s some information there on what’s involved. Studies show that parent participation in activities increases their love of the sport and continued participation into adulthood.

Programs at PlSC

Regular Fall Season Line-up

From U5 to U18 and beyond, we have youth in all levels at Prospect Lake Soccer Club. Assessments are necessary for some of our teams so that we can ensure that your child is placed on the correct team so register early!

School Break Programs

Offered during spring break, one week in July and one week in August, these keep your child in touch with the ball and growing in the sport.

Season End Celebrations

Our regular fall season ends around the mid-March and we look for ways to celebrate the season with our younger teams, usually following their last practice. For our competitive players, we finish the season off with an awards ceremony at the Clubhouse recognizing coach, player and team achievements.

Adult League

If you are a Graduating Youth player there are number of options available to you to so you can continue to play the “Beautiful Game”. PLSC is here to assist you with a positive transition from Youth to Adult soccer.

Club Sponsors and Partners